The Marimba Band


It is such a great honour to have been taking this musical journey playing the most entertaining and fascinating instruments ever, being the marimba.

Funny we've grown up together to become the best players ever. Not only did we learn how to play but unity, trust and group work above all...loving each other.

We work towards building each other and growing just by learning music ...remember that music is not just to entertain but it teaches, heals and changes a lot of souls.

We have competed against various groups and individuals we started off at The Talent Freaks talent show in Potchefstroom which took place last year where we did such an excellent performance and we came back with the price of R1000.

This year we carried on having faith and believing that we are the best Marimba group ever. We went on and participated at North West Musikon in Klerksdorp we managed to receive 3 certificates which were 2 Golds and 1 Silver

We will continue to embrace our talent and we are looking forward to sharing the talent we have

By: Kea Maleke, Grade 11






30th July 

High School Music Competitions

Venue: Klerksdorp Technical High

 Bethel Choir obtained 1st position and was awarded the golden certificate along with R1000.00.