Science Expo



Every year our girls participate in the science fares including Science Week, Eskom Science Expo and the Sasol Techno X. This is meant to inspire the girls to pursue the science careers. They get to learn in depth about these science careers. The sciences expo encourages the learners to seek solutions to problems BY INVENTING, INNOVATING and APPLYING SCIENTIFIC SOLUTIONS to solving problems.


Science Expo

Our learners have participated for the past 10 years. 

Here are some of the highlights of years gone by:



Kebongilwe Keorapetse - National Level, Bronze Medal; Regional Level, Gold Medal

science 01



Standing from left: Kebongilwe Keorapetse, Keitumetse Lisa, Keaobaka Molefe and Lentsela Keitumetse

science 02

Keitumetse Lisa - Provincial Level, Silver Medal

Keobaka Molefe - Provincial Level, Gold Medal

Tseleng Precious Gabaotswe - Provincial Level, Gold Medal

Lentsela Keitumetse - Provincial Level, Silver Medal



Girls at work making a COMMUNICAP. A hard hat with a self-attached walkie-talkie. They brought a bronze medal for this wonderful idea!!!

science 03

Lesedi Tawasne & Motshabi Molokwane

science 04

Trying it on! Engineers Lesedi and Motshabi



2016 was a special year as more girls participated in the expo and they all brought gold medals from the region expo.

science 05

Khnysile Dlamini, Nancy Mokhatla and Thato Moyhlaping with the esteemed judge Mr. Daniel Owiredu

science 06

The subject advisor was there to witness the moment of joy

science 07

Two Grade 8 learners with the project that stole the show

science 08

Tshepiso Shikati and Solefelang Morake

science 09

Rediretswe Sikoe and Madisakwane Lesego



Solofelang Morake and Tshepiso Shikati represented the school again in 2017.

science 11

science 12

Tshepiso Shikati

science 13

Reaobaka Tlala and Palesa Mogorosi



Palesa Mogorosi and Reaobaka Tlala participated.

science 14


Our girls did a project called the Rescue Chamber 2.

This chamber is meant for miners to escape and be safe in the event of C02 leakage underground, the miners would get a long-term supply of oxygen by converting the C02 in 02.