Banking details


Account Holder: Bethel Hostel

Account Number: 62019286097

Branch Code: 240639 (Coligny)



  • School fees per month: R600.00
  • School fees once off: R6000.00
  • Once off payment before end of March: R5400.00
  • Hostel fees per month: R1900.00
  • Hostel fees once off: R19 000.00
  • Once off payment before end of March: R18 050.00
  • Reservation fee school yearly: R200
  • Reservation fee hostel yearly: R1800


Important notices

  • When making a deposit always use student number.
  • Always keep good record of your payment and keep proof of payment safe.
  • Please do not use school bank account for learners’ pocket money!!!
  • When making monthly or termly payments it should be in the first week of the month or term.
  • Always keep your contact details up to date!!!


Meal cards

  • Meal cards are issued out in the first 3 days of each month.
  • Issued out to learners whose account balance is not exceeding one month outstanding.
  • Parents can make the meal card system easier by faxing/emailing/WhatsApp proof of payments.
  • In the case of financial difficulties make sure to contact the finance office before meal cards are issued.
  • In the case of Trust fund, learners must please submit all relevant documents.