Editorial Designation

Beloved, beautiful Bethel, At Bethel we believe! If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.

The third term zoomed to life on the 17th of July and Bethelians refocused themselves in complete pursuit of the fruition of the school's vision and mission. Its always a crucial quarter of the year, with 2018 gravitating towards its end, the realization of annual objectives becomes even more imperative, and the achievement of key commitments on the calendar year more fundamental.

Essential questions often get asked at this time of the year as both learners and teachers ponder upon the prospect of achieving their year goals. Nonetheless, energy levels remain astronomical high and enthusiasm continue to balloon relentlessly and the magnificent crafting of the Bethel Story continues unabated. Listen to the voice of hope and buoyancy brought to you in your different parts of the country through the fresh smelling pages of our newsletter. Academic activity, sports, sociocultural involvement, art, all crystallized in the power of words. Peruse and wade through the Bethel experience with anticipation and positive curiosity.

Editorial team: G Muleya, I Yssel, S Potgieter




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